On cadastral plot 12647 K.O. Borca, we are building a free-standing facility for residential and commercial purposes.

A modern architectural expression and modern construction materials were used.

Pedestrian and vehicular entrances to the building are located from Ivan Milutinovic Street.

Vehicle parking is in the garage, with access via a two-way ramp.

The newly designed facility is planned with one underground floor, a garage on level -1, a technical room and a premises with access from the ground floor. The above-ground floors consist of a ground floor, 2 floors and a loft. A total of 4 above-ground floors.

The construction of the facility is planned in one phase.

The construction of the designed building is a reinforced concrete skeleton system. The dimensioning of the structural elements was carried out in accordance with the technical norms regarding loads and seismic influences, and in accordance with the obtained results of geotechnical investigations.

The facility is built in accordance with the Law on Planning and Construction, regulations, standards and norms in the field of construction of buildings and rules of the profession and in accordance with the issued:

  • building permit ROP-BGDU-36239-CPI-5/2021 INT. IH-18 no. 351-330/2021. dated 17.08.2021. and

  • according to the location conditions ROP-BGDU-36239-LOC-2/2021 (IKS-15 no. 350-77/2021) dated 11.03.2021.